Instant Communication on Your Wrist

Receive messages and send smart responses with 2 clicks on your smartwatch with the Awear App.


The Awear app is currently in BETA on the Pebble smartwatch and Android phone.


Receive and respond to SMS in two clicks

  • Avoid pulling out your phone.

  • Configure your own responses.

  • Customize responses for when you're driving or in a meeting.



Reply to calendar event reminders in two clicks

  • Let others know you're running late for a meeting.

  • SMS or email the organizer with customizable messages.



Read emails

  • Mark read, archive, star or delete in two clicks.

  • Avoid spam - use Gmail filters or our prioritization algorithm to only see what’s important.



See weather forecasts

  • Daily and weekly forecasts are available.



Full configuration

  • Control what you see and when you get alerted.

  • Awear works as a watchface or can be used with your regular watchface.


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